This is a collection of dramatic sketches that can be used in worship services, seasonal services, or special events. Most sketches are written to illustrate a biblical point in 4-8 minutes, although those written for seasonal services might be longer (the approximate time for each sketch is included on the title page - click "View Sample"). Previews of all sketches are available on this site; you may then choose to purchase and download the individual sketches along with rights to perform them in your own church or ministry setting.

The Day After His Birth

A Census Taker visits Joseph and Mary the day after Jesus is born. He completely misses the significance of Jesus' birth, even as the shepherds run through the town shouting that they've seen the Messiah.

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Advent Series: Busy-ness at Christmas

David and Kim are a 35-ish couple, preparing for the busy month of December. David is a professional in some unspecified office context; Kim works part-time and volunteers at their kids' schools. They have three children: Matthew, age 14 (9th grade); Michelle, age 11 (6th grade); and Mark, age 8 (3rd grade).

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Advent Series: Advent Reflections

Summary: This is a series meant to be done over the four weeks of Advent. Each week a different person shares his or her perspective on the birth of Jesus.

  • Week 1: Isaiah contemplates the future coming of the Messiah.
  • Week 2: The Angel (Gabriel) is all set to make the announcement, but is shocked at the details he hears from the Lord.
  • Week 3: Elizabeth marvels over her honor of bearing the forerunner of the Messiah.
  • Week 4: Herod flies into a rage when he realizes the Magi are not returning, and decides to kill anyone who might become King in his place.

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A "Good" Friday Night?

Summary: Thomas, James, Mary Magdalene, and Matthew gather in secret on Good Friday night. They struggle together over the events of the day and how this fits with all they've believed about Jesus. A small child there with them reminds them of Jesus' words about dying and rising again. Maybe this isn't the end...maybe it's just the beginning.

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Beneath the Cross

Summary: Four Roman soldiers are waiting for the three crucified men to die, casting lots for clothing, and drinking. One is very hardened; one is deeply committed to Rome; one is unsure about what they've done, but defaults to supporting Rome; one (a little younger) is so troubled by the Man in the middle that he cannot get Him out of his mind. Could this Man in the middle have been innocent?

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At the Foot of the Cross

Summary: This drama juxtaposes several people's reactions at the foot of the cross. Part 1 shows three Bible-time characters, each with his/her reaction to Jesus' body hanging on the cross. These characters do not interact with each other, and do not hear each other in their own private reflections. Part 2 shows six modern-day characters, five of them asking if Jesus could possibly love and forgive them. They do not speak to each other, and do not notice each other, but their lines intermingle to show how each person has a similar need for Christ's love and forgiveness.

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Isn't That Good Enough?

Summary: This sketch provides a whimsical but serious look at the crazy things people believe will get them into heaven. Six people, two Christian and four not Christian, come to Heaven's gate to learn their eternal destiny. While humorously highlighting people's false hopes for getting into heaven, this sketch clearly shows how every person needs to accept Jesus in order to get to heaven. A straightforward gospel presentation is written at the end of the script, which may be used to help lead people into a relationship with Christ.

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