Christmas Hope - A Short Novel

Not everyone is able to have a "Merry" Christmas. The Nelson family is about to learn this in a very personal way.

Tom, Jackie, Erin, and John Nelson are a typical modern family. As Christmas approaches, they have plans for a big family celebration, with fun gifts and even a cruise vacation beginning the day after Christmas.

Then tragedy strikes and everything changes.

In the midst of their struggles, Tom and Jackie seek counsel from their Christian neighbors, Matt and Annie Tyler. Will the Nelsons find the hope they desperately need?

Christmas Hope - Sample

Christmas for the Family - A Short Novel

This Christmas Eve, Sarah is determined to make this a perfect holiday for her family. Despite her efforts, things quickly unravel. Sarah is challenged by her rebellious teenage daughter (Megan); her workaholic husband (Tom); and her college-aged son (Ryan), who announces he won't be coming home for Christmas. With her hopes for a perfect Christmas dashed, Sarah must face her perfectionism as well as her painful memories from the previous Christmas.

Megan is filled with anger and bitterness toward everyone, including her younger sister (Katie). Megan eventually understands the source of her struggles and reaches a crucial decision point. Will she find the peace she desperately seeks?

Based on the stage play, "Christmas for the Family," this novella explores honest challenges faced by today's families. Even more, readers are reminded about the things that are most important at Christmas.

Christmas for the Family - sample

"After years of enjoying Brian's writing, I am glad that there is another platform for Brian to share his gift with many others. I first saw this story on the stage, and I am impressed with Brian's ability to communicate so many nuances from the stage into this novelized format. His faithful witness to the real message of Christmas, and the hope found therein, shines through this story of a fractured family who comes together for Christmas."

-Stephanie J. Hamann, MA, LPC, NCC

"This short story is truly a breath of fresh air! The reader is able to identify with each character on a personal level. It is encouraging to the hurting individual and shines a light of hope for the struggling family. Brian Whitaker is a writer who uses the Word of God as a manual for dealing with real life experiences. This is a great short story and a wonderfully touching play."

-Jeanette Heifner, who played Sarah in the original play

"Christmas for the Family is a moving account of one family's struggle to continue to actively love and support each other, even in the midst of trying times and deep hurt. You will certainly relate closely to the frailties and vulnerabilities of at least one of these characters; and you'll cheer with them as they ultimately draw closer together and closer to God. Good read!"

-Cindi A. Strobel

"Brian Whitaker's Christmas for the Family is a highly engaging account that is perfect for an evening read. I have had the privilege of reading the original manuscript, of seeing it performed as a Christmas Eve production, and now again enjoying it as a short novel. You will be encouraged, entertained, and even challenged by it. Enjoy!"

-Dr. Jeff Hinds, Senior Pastor of Highland Community Church

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This book is a novelized version of the stage play, "Christmas for the Family," available directly from Whitaker Writings. Click here for more information.

I am working on one more novel: Christmas with Grandma, to be published in 2013.

My biggest writing project is a book geared for younger widows and widowers, with a working title, "When Your Spouse Dies Young." My first wife died in 2003, leaving me alone to raise a three-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. I write out of my pastor's heart, my understanding of Scripture, my personal experiences and life-lessons, and insights I've gained in helping other (primarily younger) widows and widowers in the years since my own wife's death.

Some of the material I have prepared for this book can be viewed on my blog, Help for Widows and Widowers.

Books from other Whitaker writers:

My father, Jim Whitaker, has also written a book called "Apples and Angels: Misconceptions about the Bible."

Have you ever wondered if a phrase was really in the Bible? There are many quotations in common use that are incorrectly attributed to the Bible. This book will help you determine what is true and what is not true about many of those questions.

Apples and Angels reflects years of seeking the truth in Bible study. One might say it is an engineer's approach to the Bible. Just the facts. Watch out for misunderstandings and assumptions. Don't let shoddy thinking impact the pure truth.

Unless you are a long-time Bible scholar, you will certainly learn something from this book. It is packed with information and illustrations. It is easy to read, but the thoughts are challenging. As you use this book in your small-group Bible studies and personal devotions, you may find yourself returning to the Scriptures to see for yourself what is really there.

Rev. Jim Whitaker is a retired bi-vocational minister. After getting a degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Jim worked in a variety of engineering and ministry jobs in North Carolina and Virginia. His engineering work was in support of power generating stations and design of public service radio communications. Ministry included chaplaincy, pastoral, and mission work. In retirement, Jim has worked as a volunteer doing engineering in support of the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Jim's hobbies include Woodcarving and Amateur Radio. He has made four trips to African countries as part of his volunteer work.

Small group Bible studies have long been a special interest for him. Home groups, church study groups and Sunday School classes have been a focus and foundation for many of the discussions leading to the truths documented in this book.

Jim and his wife Carolyn have been married for 44 years and have two adult children and five young grandchildren. They have recently retired to Florida.

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