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Brian T. Whitaker is a pastor, musician, playwright, and author. He is passionate about helping people follow Christ. Through music, drama, articles, sermons, blogs, and other written materials, Brian points people to the Scriptures and invites them to live wholeheartedly for the Lord.

Brian's past writing projects include several short dramatic sketches (4-8 minutes) and longer plays (35-60 minutes) that can be used in churches and other ministry settings. He has written worship songs plus a full-length children's Christmas musical (awaiting publication).

Brian maintains three blogs: Whitaker Writings, Christian Husbands and Fathers, and Help for Widows and Widowers. This last blog reaches out to people who have lost a spouse, which is an area of ministry for which Brian is deeply passionate, as his first wife died in a car accident in 2003. He is working on manuscripts for two books to help widows and widowers, and some of this material can already be found on the Help for Widows and Widowers blog.

In addition to his ministry in the United States, Brian has a passion for God's work around the world. He has taken a few trips to preach and teach in Kenya and South Sudan.

Brian is happily married to Kristin and has three children. Brian and Kristin have a passion for God's work not only in the United States, but also around the world; both have served on short-term missions trips to Kenya and South Sudan, and Kristin has served in missions opportunities in other countries as well.

In his spare time Brian enjoys reading, running, and family activities.

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