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Relating biblical truth to everyday life, to draw people closer to Christ

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Welcome to Whitaker Writings. This is a multi-faceted ministry, as you will see through this site. No matter what I do, Jesus Christ is at the center of everything, which is why the cross appears so prominently in the center of the logo.

On this site you will find a variety of things I've written: music, drama (longer plays as well as shorter drama sketches), books, messages (including articles, sermons, and several free resources you can download), and links to my ministry blogs. I pray that these resources might draw you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

God's blessings to you!
Brian T. Whitaker

Here's what others say about Brian...

It is my joy to endorse my friend and co-laborer in Christ, Pastor Brian. We have worked side by side vocationally in two different churches for more than a decade. In every way Brian is a man of God, a family man, an astute Bible scholar, and a gifted writer. Time is well spent utilizing the varied writings, dramas, music, and plays written by Brian. Enjoy and be impacted by how God uses him in your life.

Jeff H. - Pastor, Highland Community Church

"Brian Whitaker is a man who has persevered with integrity and faith through some very difficult circumstances. His trust in the sovereign goodness of God is not just something he reads and writes about it's something he lives out. Brian is knowledgeable of and committed to the Word of God and is wise in the application of God's Word to the struggles and victories of life."

Dan M., Pastor Highland Community Church, Wausau, WI

"Brian is a thoughtful writer with a rare ability to weave wonderful insights gained from both Scripture and life together into a single fabric. Incisive and uplifting, Brian's writings reflect his own character as he lives out his passion for Christ."

Ken M. - Pastor, Highland Community Church

"I've been married for only three years, but something that I've dealt with is a fear of losing my husband. I've given this fear over to the Lord many times. Reading your blog and hearing of your experience reminded me in a very deep way of how the Lord is with us through everything, and how God is always faithful amidst our deepest pain. Your writings brought me comfort and filled my mind with truth, even though I've never personally faced the trial you were discussing. Thank you, Brian!"

Lindsay L.

"My church enjoyed doing two of Brian's dramas - a longer Christmas play (Christmas Memories) in a dessert theater setting, and a shorter Easter drama (A Good Friday Night) as part of a Good Friday service. Both were well-written, gently pointed the audience to the Scriptures and the Savior, and yet were a fresh presentation of a familiar story. We were pleased to find such dramas that were both affordable and accessible to a smaller church such as ours."

Mary W., Antigo Community Church, Antigo, WI

"I am so excited to share your ministry with a young widow friend of ours with 5 children. Your ministry is quite powerful and will speak to her heart as she seeks answers in God's word and by fellowshipping with other believers."

Georgia J.

"Good stuff! Keep writing about the things God constantly teaches you."

Scott V.

"Thank you for sharing your story on the Help for Widows and Widowers blog. I pray (and am sure) God will use it, as He promises to work all those things for our good and His glory."

David K.

"It is such a blessing that you are sharing your journey through grief with others. I am sure God will use it mightily."

Kimberly K.

"Brian has a God-given talent for writing. He has an ability to bring across a spiritual point in an entertaining way through his vignettes and productions as well as his songs. I highly recommend Brian's work."

Clay H.

"Brian is a caring and compassionate man who is able to demonstrate great calmness in often-stressful situations. He is a tireless worker."

John K.

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